There’s more to home staging than meets the eye….

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Santa Fe is known as the City Different, and the same can be said for the real estate market here. What makes Santa Fe stand out from other major cities in the nation is its endlessly gorgeous sunsets, fabulous restaurants & museums, its distinctive Southwestern architectural style, and more. People are drawn to the allure of the Santa Fe charm, and naturally, they want to live here!

As different as Santa Fe is from other cities, the one thing that remains the same is the process of a selling a house. Many people make the mistake of rushing to put their house on the market, not taking in realtors’ advice to properly prepare the house. It can all take a bit of effort and time, but once listed, the overall response from prospective buyers is more positive. The preparation can start at making cosmetic improvements, decluttering or packing up personal & household items, and then the final essential step – staging it. As any realtor will tell you, 95% of people search for homes online now, and it’s important that the MLS pictures capture buyers’ interest. If the MLS pictures show a vacant or unkempt home, there’s a reduction in overall showings and offers, versus ones that are fully prepared tastefully.

Home staging is indeed more than meets the eye – it is about creating the look and feel of a HOME for a prospective buyer to imagine themselves living there. It takes much more than just putting furniture in – there’s the art of knowing how to stage effectively (placing a lone chair on an oversized rug with a teeny-tiny side table does not do any room justice), to create an on-trend appeal to all buyers, to bring in the appropriate furniture & décor style suited to the house, and to select the right color of paint, carpet, and fixtures should the seller choose to take the agent’s and stager’s advice.

If a seller chooses to live in the house while it is listed on the market, there is the home makeover service, which can make a tremendous difference in the presentation of a house. Many people mistakenly assume that everyone will fall in love with their furniture, their décor, their house, but the harsh reality is – no, they will not! They will cringe, feel awkward and uncomfortable, and want to walk right back out the door before the realtor has a chance to divulge the house’s characteristics, and onto the next house they go. A golden opportunity for a sale is lost there! People do not like to feel the heavy presence of the seller in every room – and it’s also important to give the house its breathing room for people to notice its architectural features. Hiring a professional home stager to rearrange, revive, and declutter the house also helps the seller with one important caveat – to let go and move forward with their lives in a new location.

All the statistics show that home staging works better than nothing at all – so why not take the opportunity to present your house in a more favorable light over the rest of the homes in the area?